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Board of Chairs

The Statewide Local Land Services Board of Chairs comprises 11 local Board chairs from 11 regions.

The Board of Chairs is responsible for the delivery of statewide priorities and has an oversight, policy, procedural and agency interaction guidance role. The Board of Chairs is responsible for the governance of service delivery across the state. The Board ensures that state and national priorities and uniform procedures are implemented. This statewide Board of Chairs is accountable to the Minister for Primary Industries.

The Board of Chairs is led by the Chair of the Board of Chairs, who is appointed by the Secretary of the NSW Department of Industry. The Chair is the division head of staff of Local Land Services and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the affairs of Local Land Services.

Read about the Chairs and their regions:

We are currently recruiting for 45 board members and Chair of 11 local boards. Applications closed on 20 June 2016 and suitable candidates will be short-listed and recommended to the Minister for Primary Industries and Lands and Water.

Managing conflicts of interest

The Local Land Services Board of Chairs has developed a Conflict of Interest policy and Code of Conduct for Board members and staff in order to demonstrate the highest level of governance.
The policy requires that the Board of Chairs establish a subcommittee to assist with the management of real or perceived conflict of interest involving Board members and staff, that often stem from both living and working in regional communities.
Applications for access to Local Land Services grants, funding, access to services or other interactions with the organisation from Board members or staff that present a real or perceived conflict of interest are assessed in a consistent and transparent manner , through a central, arms-length process.
The policy, Code of Conduct and register of decisions are available below:

Conflict of Interest Policy (PDF 305KB)

Board Code of Conduct (PDF 87.4KB)

Conflict of Interest Decision Register (PDF 276KB)

Checklist for Identifying Conflicts of Interest (PDF 315KB)

Managing Conflicts of Interest (PDF 319KB)

Conflict of Interest Declaration Form  - External (PDF 149KB)

Conflict of Interest Declaration Form - Internal (PDF 149KB)

Conflict of Interest - Fact Sheet (PDF 141KB)