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Our people

Local Land Services (LLS) has a range of staff across New South Wales well equipped and qualified to provide locally relevant land services. Local Land Services Officers will work actively within the local community and their role will include

  • coordinating local producer groups and holding field days on timely and locally relevant topics
  • liaising with the Department of Primary Industries Industry Development Officers and other technical experts to ensure the local communities receive the most up-to-date technical advice
  • delivering education programs such as the PROfarm range of short courses
  • helping farms be biosecurity smart – helping keep pests and diseases off farms and out of NSW
  • taking an active role in planning and response when emergencies such as floods, fires and drought occurs
  • focusing on solving local challenges and creating opportunities for farmers.

Local Land Services Officers will have a focus on specific industries including irrigation, livestock, horticulture, cropping and mixed farmers. There are also roles for LLS District Veterinarians, Biosecurity Officers and specialists responsible for ensuring the proper use of travelling stock reserves.