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Board meeting - 11 August 2016

The sixteenth meeting of the Hunter Local Land Services (HLLS) Board was held in Nelson Bay.

Susan Hooke chaired the meeting. Board members in attendance were Ron Campbell, James Clark, Daryl Dutton, Tony Hegarty and Ted Laurie.

HLLS support staff were also present.

The Board acknowledged that the meeting was held on the lands of the traditional custodians and paid respect to elders past and present.

Oyster Industry Consultation

The Board discussed the value of informal industry consultations conducted on 10 August 2016 and noted that staff had created an innovative oyster industry program and developed successful relationships with growers.

The Board noted the consultation was well received and produced a set of well focused outcomes. The Board also noted industry representatives were appreciative of Local Land Services assistance.

Aboriginal Community Advisory Group

The Board provided feedback and discussed a range of options to contribute to successful and productive Aboriginal Community Advisory Group meetings.

Weeds Reform

Daryl Dutton reported on the second ministerial roundtable on Weeds Reform, to assess progress of formation of regional weed committees and implementation of key reform actions.

Emergency Management Implementation Strategy

The Board reviewed the draft Emergency Management Implementation Strategy and requested staff undertake further internal consultation and development.

Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Improvement

The Board reviewed the draft Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Improvement Framework. The Board noted the framework enables evaluation and reporting on strategies, programs and systems to increase business improvement.

Emergency Management Capacity

The Board reviewed the Emergency Management Officer role and scheduled activities designed to build internal capabilities and prepare Hunter LLS to provide essential customer services during emergency responses.

Drought Pest and Weed funding

The Board were briefed on outcomes for Hunter applicants in the state wide 2016 Drought Pest and Weed Funding Program.

Conflict of Interest Policy

The Board noted the revised Conflict of Interest Policy and Procedure enables Hunter LLS to demonstrate that Board and staff act in the best interest of the organisation and demonstrates transparency, fairness and impartiality in all decision making.

Internal Audit 2015/16

The Board noted the internal audit program which assures continuous improvement for governance, systems and processes. The internal audit also supports LLS to achieve compliance to core requirements including legislation and regulations within the LLS Risk Management Framework.

Internal Audit Plan 2016/17

The Board reviewed and discussed refining the 2016/17 internal audit program to focus on controls for high risk activities and the program of additional continuous improvement reviews which support the adaptive management of Hunter LLS activities and/or projects.

Key Business Initiatives

The Board noted the schedule for progressing key business initiatives during the 2016 calendar year.
The Board discussed a range of initiatives which are required to support implementation of the Hunter Local Strategic Plan.

Organisational Key Performance Indicator Reporting

The Board noted the Integrated Reporting Framework has been developed to provide data and information for Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Improvement allowing Hunter LLS to meet statutory and investor reporting requirements.


  • The Board reviewed and approved the reports from the General Manager which included implementation progress and planned activities/issues across business areas of animal biosecurity and welfare, invasive species, natural resource management, agricultural extension and emergency management.
  • The Board reviewed and approved the Business and Finance report which included budget, financial statements, business systems, human resources and fleet information. The Board noted significant progress in the quality of analysis and presentation in the finance report.
  • The Board reviewed and approved the Work Health and Safety report, and noted significant improvement in meeting WHS reporting standards.