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Board meeting - 16 February 2017

The nineteenth meeting of the Hunter Local Land Services (HLLS) Board was held in Tocal.

Susan Hooke chaired the meeting. Board members in attendance were Ron Campbell, James Clark, Daryl Dutton and Ted Laurie. An apology was received from Tony Hegarty.

HLLS support staff were also present.

Board member appointments

Susan Hooke updated the board on processes and timelines to appoint board members, as the three year terms for ministerially appointed boards concludes at the end of February 2017.

Susan Hooke thanked the board for their professional and dedicated undertaking of their roles and indicated she has informed the Minister of her intention not to seek a further term.

The Board thanked and congratulated Susan Hooke for her leadership and commitment at the local and state level over the past three years.

Key Milestones 2017 and progress against Chair of Chairs’ directives

The Board discussed progress being made against the Chair of Chairs’ directives as required by the LLS Financial Sustainability Strategy.

HLLS Purpose and Strategy review

The Board discussed and provided feedback to the revised Purpose and Strategy documentation enabling further development of the strategy to drive the structure of Hunter LLS and all other service delivery and business processes of the organisation.

Proposed Engagement Model for Strategy, Performance and Governance

The Board reviewed and provided feedback on the proposed framework for the development and implementation of Policies and frameworks for the Strategy, Performance and Governance Function of LLS.

HCC Budget timeline

The Board were advised of the timetable for the catchment contribution process to be submitted to the Minister for approval to satisfy the requirements of the Local Land Services Regulation (2014).

KPI Report aligned with Implementation Strategies

The Board were presented with the December 2016 Quarterly organisational Key Performance Indicator (KPI) report providing data on key activities across Hunter LLS. The KPI reporting is aligned with the strategic direction of LLS and enables appropriate and relevant reporting on the Strategic Plan to improve long-term performance of the organisation.


The Board discussed and provided feedback on the Mobile Service Delivery concept and the associated next steps for analysis and implementation.

Oyster Industry Consultation report

The Board discussed the outcomes from board consultation with and the progress being made in the delivery of extension services to the oyster industry.

River Management planning update

The Board were advised of progress in development of a management strategy for the Hunter River. The development of a Hunter River management strategy will directly contribute to Hunter Catchment Contribution program strategic objectives and will be a catalyst for future development of targeted delivery programs.

Williams River Erosion Program

The Board were advised Hunter LLS is working with Hunter Water Corporation, Roads and Maritime Services and Transport for NSW to advise on erosion management in the Williams River. The Williams River Erosion Program will deliver on healthy diverse and connected natural environments while protecting sustainable primary industries.

Hunter Catchment Contributions

The Board were briefed on progress with Hunter Catchment Contribution expenditure and the actions taken to ensure integrity of the Hunter Valley Flood Mitigation Program in future years.


  • The Board reviewed and approved the reports from the General Manager which included implementation progress and planned activities/issues across business areas of animal biosecurity and welfare, invasive species, natural resource management, agricultural extension and emergency management.
  • The Board reviewed and approved the Business and Finance report which included budget, financial statements, business systems, human resources and fleet information. The Board noted significant progress in the quality of analysis and presentation in the finance report.
  • The Board reviewed and approved the Work Health and Safety report, and noted significant improvement in meeting WHS reporting standards.