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Board meeting - 20 October 2016

The seventeenth meeting of the Hunter Local Land Services (HLLS) Board was held in Tocal.

Susan Hooke chaired the meeting. Board members in attendance were Ron Campbell, James Clark, Daryl Dutton and Ted Laurie. An apology was received from Tony Hegarty.

HLLS support staff were also present.

Communication and Engagement Strategy

The Board provided feedback on the updated Communication and Engagement Strategy. The Communication and Engagement Strategy has been developed to ensure consistent, effective and appropriate approaches to communications and engagement activities across the Hunter LLS.

Accommodation Strategy

The Board reviewed and provided feedback on the updated Accommodation Strategy, including potential ‘flagship’ offices within the Hunter region. The Board requested further analysis on possible mobile service delivery, including what services and functions will be available at each office and the scalability of office accommodation.

Staffing Strategy and Organisation Structure
The Board were presented with a proposed Staffing Strategy and draft Organisation Structure to enable future financial sustainability of Hunter LLS.

2016/17 Business Plan

The Board were briefed on the revised Hunter LLS 2016/17 Business Plan. The 2016/17 Business Plan has been developed to meet the intent of the Local Strategic Plan to demonstrate accountability, transparency and document the works program for 2016/17. The Board resolved the 2016/17 Business Plan be made available on the Hunter LLS website.

Annual Service and Outcomes

The Board reviewed and provided feedback on the Annual Service and Outcomes flyer showcasing 2016/17 key projects in the Lower Hunter district. The Board were advised there is a similar flyer being developed for both the Upper Hunter and Manning Great Lakes districts. The Board noted the flyers will be available on the Hunter LLS website and will be provided to the community at field days and events.

Integrated KPI Report

The Board reviewed and noted the quarterly Hunter LLS KPI report for the period July – September 2016.

Catchment Action NSW Annual Report

The Board were provided with the 2015/16 Catchment Action NSW annual Report. The Board were also provided with an update on the progress of the 2016/17 Catchment Action NSW Business Plan.

Board Charter and Board and Staff Protocol

An updated Board of Chairs’ Charter was made available to the Board for review. The Board endorsed the Local Board Charter and the revised Hunter LLS Board and Staff Protocol.

Regional Weeds Committee

The Board were briefed on the progress of the Regional Weeds Committee and timelines for the Regional Strategic Weeds Management Plan.

2017 Rates
The Board provided feedback on the recommendations for setting 2017 rates for submission to the Board of Chairs. The Board endorsed the recommendation to the Board of Chairs to undertake future work to equalise variable rates.


  • The Board reviewed and approved the reports from the General Manager which included implementation progress and planned activities/issues across business areas of animal biosecurity and welfare, invasive species, natural resource management, agricultural extension and emergency management.
  • The Board reviewed and approved the Business and Finance report which included budget, financial statements, business systems, human resources and fleet information. The Board noted significant progress in the quality of analysis and presentation in the finance report.
  • The Board reviewed and approved the Work Health and Safety report, and noted significant improvement in meeting WHS reporting standards.