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Board meeting - 20 November 2014

The sixth meeting of the Hunter Local Land Services (HLLS) Board was held in Forster.

Susan Hooke chaired the meeting. Board members in attendance were Ted Laurie, Ron Campbell, Tony Hegarty, Daryl Dutton and James Clark. An apology was received from Peter Bishop Jnr.

HLLS support staff were also present.

Conflict of Interest

The board reviewed and refined its process for registration and management of conflicts of interest and adopted the current LLS templates, noting that a final check against the NSW Audit Office requirements is currently being completed.

Community Advisory Group

The Board provided feedback on the Manning Great Lakes Community Advisory Group meeting, held the previous day at the Forster Masonic Hall. The Board also provided feedback on the informal community session following the meeting of the advisory group. The Board was very pleased with contributions from the community. The Board acknowledged the effort of staff to make both events a success and provided feedback on ways to continue to improve the effectiveness of all the Advisory Groups of the Hunter region.

National Landcare Plan

The General Manager updated the Board on the bid process for the National Landcare Plan, noting there is three weeks available to complete the bid since release of guidelines and a project team is on track to complete. The Board resolved an out of session sign-off process for the bid.

Drought preparation and response

Jane Edwards briefed the Board on the monthly assembly of on-ground data which is then provided to the Regional Assistance Advisory Committee. The board provided guidance on the geographic range of properties being used for collecting on-ground data and additional ways in which the monthly seasonal reporting could add value to primary producers.

TSR's Long Term Grazing Permits

The Board endorsed the Expression of Interest (EOI) process for the granting of long term grazing permits in the Merriwa/Cassilis district presented by Jane Edwards.

Hunter River Salinity Trading Scheme (HRSTS) Operations Committee

The board nominated Daryl Dutton and Peter Bishop as the alternate, and agreed to approach the current chair of the Operations Committee, Wej Paradice, to sit on the HRSTS Operations Committee as representatives of the LLS. 

  • The Board reviewed and approved the reports from the General Manager which included implementation progress and planned activities/issues across business areas of biosecurity, natural resource management, agricultural extension and emergency management.
  • The Board reviewed and approved the Business and Finance report which includes budget, financial statements, business systems, human resources and fleet information.
  • The Board reviewed and approved the Work Health and Safety report.