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Board meeting - 18 February 2016

The thirteenth meeting of the Hunter Local Land Services (HLLS) Board was held in Gloucester.
Susan Hooke chaired the meeting. Board members in attendance were Peter Bishop Jnr, Ron Campbell, James Clark, Daryl Dutton, Tony Hegarty and Ted Laurie. HLLS support staff were also present.

Briefings with MPs and Local Government

Briefings with Members of Parliament and local government are being well received and are almost complete.

Hunter Catchment Contribution review

The Board discussed the progress of the Hunter Catchment Contributions (HCC) report and timetable for the approval process for issuing the 2016 levy.

Transition Plan for Hunter Estuary projects

The Board discussed options proposed for the transition of resources from the Hunter Estuary projects. The Board require further analysis of strategic priorities and options for flood preparedness, mitigation and resilience.

Draft Hunter Regional Plan – key submission points

The Board discussed and provided feedback for the Hunter LLS submission on the key points of the draft Hunter Regional Plan, including the importance of agriculture before and after mining and the need to quantify the economic, social and ecological benefits of well managed agricultural landscapes.

2016/17 Investment Priorities

The Board were briefed on the development of investment priorities for 2016/17. These priorities guide delivery of operational funds.

2016 Rates Communication Priorities

The Board were updated on the schedule of proposed media activities to highlight work undertaken to improve and protect the productivity of primary industries in the region.

Hexham Swamp

The Board considered options developed on the transition strategy for the Hexham Swamp Rehabilitation Project. The Board require further detailed analysis developed for the options provided.

Community Advisory Groups

The Board evaluated the outcomes of the Community Advisory Group review and endorsed the adjustment and operation of meetings to the new format for 2016.

Service Delivery Options

The Board were provided with information on the associated costs, benefits and implications of alternate service delivery mechanisms to implement the Hunter Local Strategic Plan.

Strategic Plan Key Performance Indicators

The Board were provided with a presentation on the development of integrated reporting indicators for LLS. This reporting framework enables LLS to meet statutory and investor reporting requirements.


  • The Board reviewed and approved the reports from the General Manager which included implementation progress and planned activities/issues across business areas of animal biosecurity and welfare, invasive species, natural resource management, agricultural extension and emergency management.
  • The Board reviewed and approved the Business and Finance report which included budget, financial statements, business systems, human resources and fleet information. The Board noted significant progress in the quality of analysis and presentation in the finance report.
  • The Board reviewed and approved the Work Health and Safety report, and noted significant improvement in meeting WHS reporting standards.