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Board workshop - 19 November 2015

The workshop of the Hunter Local Land Services Board was held in Wingham.

Susan Hooke chaired the meeting. Board members in attendance were Ted Laurie, James Clark and Peter Bishop Jnr, Daryl Dutton and Tony Hegarty. An apology was received from Ron Campbell.

Hunter Local Land Services support staff were also present.

Organisational Review – Brett Miners, General Manager

The Chair and General Manager provided an update on initiatives underway to approve the effectiveness and efficiency of Local Land Services, at the state and regional level.

The initiatives support the direction Hunter Local Land Services is heading and address many of the concerns held by the Hunter Local Land Services Board, including the need to have financial flexibility to meet service delivery needs and build financial sustainability.

Temporary Employment Contracts – Brett Miners

The board discussed and endorsed the proposed approach to a number of temporary positions which are due to finish on 30/6/2016. The board discussed strategies to obtain the appropriate balance between operational / service delivery and management.

Invasive Species Budgets – Sarah Wallace, Manager Business and Finance

The board reviewed the paper on invasive species budgets and determined the mechanism to be used to distribute additional invasive species budget to districts based on the amount of rates raised per district.

Service Delivery Plans – Glenn Lyons, Manager Land Services

The board reviewed and noted the completed service delivery plans. The board acknowledged the great amount of work which has gone into the service delivery plans.

The board identified areas for improvement in the next round of service delivery planning (2016/17) including:

  • more focus on leveraging of investment
  • great focus on quantifying and communicating the benefits to primary producers and government
  • stronger alignment between local strategic plan, service delivery survey results and service  delivery.

The board noted the need for board input to strategic alignment and the need for input from advisory groups.

IPART Review of Drought Evaluation Framework – Brett Miners, General Manager

The board reviewed the draft discussion paper developed by IPART on a new drought elevation program. The board provided verbal feedback to IPART via a telelink.

Update Strategic Plan Consultation – Claire Parkes

The board noted the update on the Hunter Local Strategic Plan consultation and agreed to an out of session signoff process for the final draft plan to meet Board of Chairs timelines. The board was briefed on the process to incorporate and respond to feedback on the draft Hunter Local Strategic Plan.

Service Delivery Survey Results – Claire Parkes

The board noted the preliminary report and findings of the service survey. The board agreed to provide feedback on additional areas for analysis within one week.

Integrating Climate Change into Local Land Services business planning paper – Claire Parkes

The board noted a paper on integration of climate change information into Local Land Services business planning.

Presentation from Business/Finance Team – Sarah Wallace, Manager Business and Finance

The board received briefings from the Business and Finance Team, including areas of:

  • business and finance support
  • spatial analysis and products
  • monitoring, evaluation and reporting
  • administrationa functions and support.

The board acknowledged the excellent work of the Business and Finance Team and the challenges posed by non-integration of business systems.