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Board Workshop - 21 January 2016

The workshop of the Hunter Local Land Services (HLLS) Board was held in Tocal.

Susan Hooke chaired the meeting. Board members in attendance were Ron Campbell, Ted Laurie, James Clark and Peter Bishop Jnr, Daryl Dutton and Tony Hegarty.

Brett Miners, Sarah Wallace and Glenn Lyons were present. The Board acknowledged that the meeting was held on the lands of the traditional custodians and paid respect to elders past and present.

Chair Update - Susan Hooke, Chair

The Chair provided an update on recent Board of Chairs discussions, including appointment of Tim de Mestre as new Chair of Chairs.

The Board was updated on progress in state level sign off of the Hunter Local Strategic Plan.

The Board discussed challenges associated with the LLS governance, structure and processes and requested the Chair to raise priority issues with the new Chair of BoC.

2016 Rates process – Susan Hooke, Chair and Brett Miners, General Manager

The Board discussed the decision making regarding the process to set 2016 rates and were briefed on measures to improve future performance. The Board discussed priority areas for increasing operational expenditure using rate funds.

Service Delivery Survey – Brett Miners, General Manager

The Board were presented with a report on detailed results and implications from the Service Delivery Survey.

The Board requested the General Manager to undertake analysis of the different roles LLS can undertake to service the priorities of clients.

The Board discussed options to increase survey effort for industries with low rates of survey returns (e.g. dairy and oyster industries).

Financial and Business Analysis – Sarah Wallace, Manager Business and Finance

The Board were provided with a review of the 5 year budget and business analysis and future analysis to ensure financial sustainability of Hunter Local Land Services.

The Board discussed and provided comment on the progress of savings and efficiency measures to increase financial sustainability of Hunter Local Land Services.

Budget Planning Schedule and milestones 2016/17 – Sarah Wallace, Manager Business and Finance and Glenn Lyons, Manager Land Services

The Board provided feedback on the planning timetable for the 2016/17 financial year budget.