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Board workshop - 21 May 2015

The workshop of the Hunter Local Land Services (HLLS) Board was held in Tocal.

Daryl Dutton chaired the meeting. Board members in attendance were Ron Campbell, Ted Laurie, Tony Hegarty, James Clark and Peter Bishop Jnr. An apology was received from Susan Hooke. 

HLLS support staff were also present.

Draft HLLS Agricultural Extension Services Delivery Strategy

Hunter LLS staff are currently developing a draft HLLS Agricultural Extension Services Strategy containing the following management services theme based strategies:

  •  Pasture
  • Grazing
  • Cropping
  • Livestock
  • Livestock Health, Welfare, Food Safety and Biosecurity Services

Storm/Flood Debrief

The Board were briefed on the response to the Hunter storm/flood events by Local Land Services (LLS) and Department of Primary Industries (DPI).

  • Emergency fodder supplied: 20 tonnes
  • Involved 40 helicopter sorties to stranded stock and three days of supply using flood boats 
  • On peak day fodder to: 468 cattle, 114 horses, 7 goats, 12 camels. 
  • Cumulative fodder to 1,800 cattle, 480 horses, 12 camels 
  • Responded to 25 requests for support with stranded stock
  • Provided helicopter support to ferry food to 50,000 stranded chickens
  • Supported landholders to remove more than 500 dead livestock

Storm/Flood Recovery Program

The Board discussed the Storm/Flood Recovery Program which has commenced. This involves damage assessment and programs to support landholders recover such as accessing financial services, management advice and planning for future events.

Draft Local Strategic Plan

The Natural Resource Commission (NRC) provided early comments on the draft Local Strategic Plan.

Appropriate amendments were made to the Strategic Plan.

Hunter Catchment Contributions

The Hunter Catchment Contributions Review framework and timeframe were discussed with the Board.