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Our staff

Hunter Local Land Services staff work in a range of teams. These include three district teams of Lower Hunter, Manning-Great Lakes and Upper Hunter, as well as a team of Management, Project and Support staff.

Lower Hunter
Justine BAIRDRegional Pastures Officer0428 107
Luke BOOTHTeam Leader Biosecurity0408 681
Louise CASSIDYCustomer Service Officer4932
Nicolai COOPERSustainable Land Management Office0428 273
Gavin FARLEYVolunteer Coordinator4964
 GIS Officer4938 4950
Col FREEMANSustainable Agriculture Officer4938
Kylie GREENTREEDistrict Veterinarian4932 8866/0428
Rob HENDERSONNRM Project Officer Grants4938
Carolyn JENKINSONPeri-Urban and Urban Officer4355
Hayley LECZKOWSKIEstuary and River Management Officer4355
Debra MORRISCustomer Service Officer4932
Kyra O'BRIENBiosecurity Officer - Tocal0427 492 958Kyra.O'
Peggy SVOBODAEstuary Programs Transition Officer4964
Jenny WEINGOTTEstuary and River Management Officer4938
Upper Hunter
Albert ALBURYSenior Field Officer (TSR)0428 686
Richard ALISenior Biosecurity Officer0429 722
Kristi ARNOTDistrict Vet - Singleton0409 758
Adam BUSH NRM Extension Officer6540
Jane BENNETTDistrict Veterinarian6540 2419/ 0427
Maria CAMERONCommunity Engagement Officer6540
Michelle CUMMINGSSenior Admin Officer - Scone6540
Donna DONEHUECustomer Service Officer6572
Sarah GIBLINSustainable Agriculture Officer6540
Karina KEETONNRM Projects Officer Grants6540
Matt KENNEDYBiosecurity Officer0428 686
Fiona MARSHALLHCC River Management 6540
Warwick NAIRNESenior Field Officer (TSR)0428 721
Jonathan RANDLEBiosecurity Support Officer0429 342
Kathy RYANCustomer Service Officer6548
Simon TURPINTeam Leader Agriculture Extension6540
Jayne WINTLECustomer Service Officer6540
Manning - Great Lakes
Peter BEALE  Senior Agronomy Officer6551 8994
Kirstin BISLEYLivestock Officer0438 593
Kirby BYRNENRM Project Officer Grants6551 8994
Geoff FOSTERSustainable Land Management Office6551 8994
Peter FOTHERINGHAMSenior Biosecurity Officer0409 034
Jesse GOLLANSustainable Land Management Office6551 8994
Kim HARRIDENCustomer Service Officer6553
Louise HOADENRM Project Officer Grants6551 8994
Brian HUGHES Aquatic Agriculture Estuaries Officer6551 8994
Tracey JACOBSSenior Administration and Customer Service Officer6553
Geoff LEMESSURIERNRM Extension and Advisory Officer6551 8994 ext
Albert MULLENSenior Sustainable Agriculture Officer6551 8994
Laurie MULLENBiosecurity Officer0407 785
Lyndell STONEDistrict Veterinarian6553 4233/0429
Reegan WALKERCommunity Engagement Officer 6551 8994
Managers, Project and Support
Lorna ADLEMLower Hunter Partnerships Officer4938
Doug BRADLEYEmergency Management and TSR Officer0408 948
Louisa BULLEYExecutive Assistant4938
Cal COTTER Regional Weeds Coordinator4938
Camilla COWLEY Team Leader Hunter Catchment Contributions4938
Penny EVANSCommunications Officer0417 413
Karen FITZHERBERTSenior Business Planning and Projects Officer4938
Daintry GERRANDRegional Landcare Facilitator0429 198
Andrew HODGSONManager Animal Production and Protection0408 910
Paul HOWELLBusiness and Finance Officer4938
Jim KERRSenior Vet0439 185
Jane LLOYD-JONESSchools Project Officer - Waterwatch4938
Glenn LYONSSustainable Land Management Office4930
Brett MINERSGeneral Manager 4930
Claire PARKESSenior Business Development and Improvement Officer4938
Brenda PIPERSenior Admin Officer4938
Col SALESManager Business and Finance0428 936
Susan ROWLANDMER Officer 4938
William SANDSGIS Officer4938
Joe THOMPSONManager Healthy Landscapes4938
Eva TWARKOWSKICommunity Engagement Officer4938
Toby WHALEBOATAboriginal Communities Officer4938
Lyndel WILSONTeam Leader Natural Resource Management4938