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'Landcare is a community-based approach to managing and restoring our environment, and improving the sustainability of our agricultural activities.' 

Landcare NSW, 2015
Many Hands One Voice for NSW 

Who is the Landcare community? 

The Landcare community encompasses landcare groups, 'friends of' groups and other community environment groups, farmers, producer groups, farm foresters, schools, Indigenous communities and organisations and individual land managers. Many Hunter groups identify themselves as "landcarers", even though they may not always have "Landcare" in their group's name. 

What does Landcare do in the Hunter Region? 

Landcare in the Hunter delivers a variety of projects which are predominately suggested by the Landcare community. 

Some recent activities and projects undertaken in the Hunter include: urban parkland plantings, supporting community gardens to engage disadvantaged youth, restoration of riparian zones, university wetland plantings, restoration of rainforest canopies, and revegetation of school dams. 

We also support and assist with building capacity and awareness with initiatives such as, enabling important research through Hunter Regional Landcare Scholarships, soil carbon sequestration grazing practices, wildlife surveys, matching enterprise with property information, farm forestry for biodiversity connectivity, solar water supply workshops and indigenous cultural heritage awareness for Landcarers. 

You name it, Hunter Landcarers have probably done it, if we haven't the Regional Landcare Facilitator is happy to help.

How are Landcare projects supported in the Hunter? 

Using Australian Government National Landcare Program (NLP) funds, a Regional Landcare Facilitator position is employed by Hunter Local Land Services (LLS). This position is an "enabler" for landcare activities and works across all three of the Hunter LLS Districts to support the development and delivery of localised projects. 

How do I get involved?

For Landcare advice, to start your own group, or to find out more about key Landcare networks across the Hunter region contact: 

Nev Reis 
Regional Landcare Facilitator
Hunter Local Land Services 
02 4938 4959