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Help for landholders controlling feral pigs in the region

Hunter Local Land Services (LLS) is running an on-ground management program to help landholders control feral pigs.

Stefanie McCowen, Senior Biosecurity Officer for Hunter LLS, said a recent feral pig workshop where over 50 landholders attended indicates landholders are keen to learn about this problem and explore control options.

'These strong numbers show us that people are willing to work together to deal with feral pig issues in our region.'

'Feral pigs can have significant economic, environmental and social impacts. Not only do they cause damage to crops, native vegetation and farm infrastructure but are also known to prey upon newborn lambs.'

'LLS is rolling out an on-ground management program that includes extensive trapping and baiting as well as disease surveillance and monitoring of populations.'

 'We intend to build partnerships between local landowners, community and industry groups to generate a shared approach to feral pig management. Working together in a co-operative way will bring the best results for the long term,' added Ms McCowen.

Feral pig traps are available for hire from Hunter LLS.

Please contact your local Biosecurity Officer if you are interested in participating in the program.

This program is possible thanks to funding from the Commonwealth Drought Support On-Farm Pest Management program.

Contact Jillian Ayre (Mon, Tues, Wed) or Maree Whelan (Thurs - Fri) Phone: (02) 4938 4932