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Property planning workshop

Aboriginal land managers gathered in Lake Macquarie this week to attend an intensive property planning workshop, presented by Hunter Local Land Services (LLS).

Aboriginal land managers, Aboriginal Land Councils (LALCs) and traditional owner representatives from across the Hunter attended the one-day workshop to learn how to develop property plans.

'The workshop provided Aboriginal land managers with an introduction to property planning, a key priority identified by Local Aboriginal Land Councils and traditional owners,' said LLS Land Services Officer, Toby Whaleboat.

'Hunter Local Land Services is supporting Aboriginal communities in the region to become better land managers by building the skills and capacity of traditional owners and land management teams. We want to utilise and develop the skills of Aboriginal land managers so that they can best manage their land, build relationships with expert advisory staff and determine the most appropriate management for their land,' Mr Whaleboat said.

'Large areas of land are managed by Aboriginal land managers, land management teams and owners. This course has introduced Aboriginal land managers to the principles of developing plans for their properties. Setting out the goals for short and long term management of the physical features of the property has given participants better understanding what is needed and allow effort to be focused on protection and identification of the most appropriate resources,' Mr Whaleboat explained.

Participants learnt about managing natural resources soil, climate, water and vegetation.

'In the past we have had to outsource this type of work but if we have the skills to do the plans ourselves we will save money and be able to train others in the community. We will be able to use what we learnt and apply it to the land we manage and own,' said Brett Chambers, Greenteam Supervisor at Worimi LALC, who attended the workshop.

'It is the first time we have organised a dedicated property planning course for Aboriginal land managers in the Hunter Region,' Mr Whaleboat said.

The workshop was held at Bahtabah LALC, Blacksmiths, on Tuesday, 16 December, and follows a wild dog and fox trapping workshop held in Williamtown last week.

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