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Preparing for the winter feed gap

Hunter Local Land Services are offering advice to help livestock producers get the most out of their stock and pastures at a free half day workshop at Nabiac on Wednesday 15 March.

The workshop will assist producers with weaning decisions, supplementary feed, livestock and pasture management to make the most of late summer rain.

Hunter Local Land Services District Veterinarian, Dr Lyndell Stone, says for many the condition of breeding stock has deteriorated.

“This can be a difficult time for a female herd. They are lactating, pregnant and we want them to go back into calf quickly come spring.”

“The situation is more difficult for heifers as they are also still growing. Continuing to mine the energy and fat reserves of breeders is not the best option at this time,” said Dr Stone.

The workshop will assist producers in assessing their herd and pastures for continued productivity through winter and spring.

“We’ll also have an update from an MLA study into different calf weaning methods. Whether you are looking at weaning options to cope with dry conditions or updating your current weaning practices this will be a good session to attend.”

The free workshop will cover:
* getting the most out of stock and pastures on the back of a dry summer
* assessing stock condition and pasture availability
* feed quality - how much to feed, and comparing the costs of hay, silage and grain
* understanding what dry matter, energy levels and protein levels mean when selecting feed
* getting the best out of native unfertilized pastures, kikuyu/seterria fertilised and ryegrass options
* calf weaning methods to produce calmer cattle with better live weight gain and improved meat quality

The workshop will be delivered by Hunter Local Land Services District Veterinarian Lyndell Stone, Pastures Officer Peter Beale and beef consultant Ian Blackwood. Martin Dunstan from Agriculture Victoria will provide an update of an MLA on-farm weaning demonstration.

The Preparing for the winter feed gap workshop will take place on Wednesday 15 March, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm at Nabiac Showground Hall.

To register please call Hunter Local Land Services on (02) 6553 4233.