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Morpeth's newest author joins the fight against ferals

There were smiles all around as Morpeth Public School celebrated one of their own, Maggie Carpenter, who has had the honor of becoming a published author by writing and illustrating a book called ‘Pigs in the Crops’.

Students from Year 4/5I participated in the City Livin’ Ferals Enviro-Stories program, which involved students learning about their local area, the impact of feral animals and passing on their knowledge through storytelling.

Jane Lloyd-Jones, Hunter Local Land Services, and Nicole Schembri, Department of Primary Industries, combined forces to bring the City Livin’ Ferals program to the school and teach students about the fight against feral pigs, cats, deer, rabbits, dogs and foxes.

“Feral animals have a negative effect on the natural, agricultural and urban environments within the Hunter region”, said Ms. Lloyd Jones.

“It’s important to teach children about the impacts of feral animals and how we need to work together to reduce those impacts in the future.”

After completing a workshop, students were equipped with the tools to research, write and illustrate a story about feral animals.

All students in the 4/5I class took part and produced a fantastic and diverse array of books. Their teacher, Mr. Tom Irwin, had a tough decision to make by choosing the winning story that would get published.

Mr. Irwin gave Maggie’s book a huge endorsement saying, “Maggie’s effort was so good during the course of the program I just had to choose her!”

Maggie’s delightful little book, ‘Pigs in the Crops’, involves local farmers telling a story about their farm’s brush with feral pigs as they explain why they have such tall and strong fences.

Printed copies will be distributed throughout the community as well as being available online with the other City Livin’ Ferals books in the Enviro-Stories Library.

The City Livin’ Ferals Enviro-Stories program has been supported by Hunter Local Land Services, Department of Primary Industries, Greater Sydney Local Land Services and funded by the Australian Government.