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TSR lease extensions for drought affected farmers

With the drought continuing to have significant impacts on local farmers, Hunter Local Land
Services is offering a 12 month lease extension to all Longterm Grazing Permit holders currently
leasing Travelling Stock Reserves in our region.
Longterm Grazing Permits for 80 Travelling Stock Reserves in the Hunter were due to go out for
tender before the end of 2018. However with drought conditions continuing to bite Hunter Local
Land Services is suspending the tender process and offering a 12 month extension to current
permit holders to 31 December 2019.
General Manager Brett Miners said it’s one way the organisation can take some pressure off
producers feeling the effects of this drought.
“We don’t want to add to the stress and workload currently being felt by local farmers by asking
them to go through the tender process this year, and we hope this extension will give time for
conditions to ease,” said Mr Miners.
“There is virtually no agistment available in our region currently, and feed and water supplies
remain critically low in many areas, so it would be very difficult for these farmers to find alternate
locations for their stock in the current climate if they were forced to move off the TSRs.
It is up to each permit holder to decide if they wish to accept the extension, and Hunter Local
Land Services is reminding all permit holders payment plans are available at any time, if they
require financial assistance.
“Hunter Local Land Services understands the importance TSRs during drought, and with the
sites involved having been under grazing permits for many years this approach is considered the
best option for our region,” said Mr Miners.
“We are thankful to these permit holders for the way they are carefully managing feed and water
supplies on the reserves, to meet community expectations about how this public asset is cared
When tenders for the leases are called towards the end of 2019, Hunter Local Land Services
intends to increase the length of the Long-term Grazing Permits to five years.
This will give the permit holders greater security and allow them to make long term management
decisions, not just for their livestock, but also for how they will contribute to the care and
maintenance of the TSRs.
Roadside Grazing Permits and Travelling Stock Permits are also available through Hunter Local
Land Services, by contacting 1300 795 299. Please remember Council and Roads and Maritime
Services approval must also be sought, before stock can be put on local roads.