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Got Horses? Do you have a PIC number?

Hunter Local Land Services is reminding all horse owners they must have a Property Identification Code (PIC) and in some circumstances require a Transported Stock Statement (TSS) if they are moving horses in NSW.

Transported Stock Statements and PIC numbers are important biosecurity measures and are critical for monitoring and reporting outbreaks of viruses such as Equine Influenza.

Hunter Local Land Services District Vet Kristi Arnot said it is a legal requirement to have a PIC number, and equine organisations and event coordinators are enforcing this at local events.

“With local agricultural show season underway in our region, horse owners attending these and many other equine events will find they are being asked to supply a PIC number,” said Kristi Arnot.

“Ignorance is not acceptable, if a sick horse attends a local event, we need to be able to trace where it came from, and stop any disease outbreaks at the source.

“We are seeing increasing numbers of people contacting us wondering what it is all about – this is not a new regulation and horse owners must comply, even if you only own a pony for the kids.

“Even if your horse never leaves your property, you are still required to have a PIC.”

Registering for a PIC is a simple process, undertaken by contacting Local Land Services, it can usually be arranged in under 24 hours.

Transported Stock Statements are available individually or in booklets from Local Land Services.

You are required to have a TSS on hand for all horse movements, unless you have:

  • horses being transported to or from any agricultural show, exhibition, gymkhana, pony club meeting or similar function,
  • racehorses or harness racing horses being transported from one place to another,
  • horses being transported to or from any place for use as working horses,
  • horses being transported to and from a place for veterinary treatment.

Authorities may stop your vehicle and request to see your statement at any time.

“PIC numbers and Transport statements are crucial to maintaining Australia’s enviable disease free status for so many dreadful viruses,” said Dr Arnot.

“Please help ensure the health of your livestock and pets, by adhering to the regulations and doing your bit to maintain these systems.

“Our team at Hunter Local Land Services can set you up with a PIC quickly, and this will make it much easier for you to take your horse or pony to local events, and can also be crucial in an emergency such as fire or flood, so we know where animals that may need evacuating are located.”

If you need to inquire about obtaining a PIC number or Travelling Stock Statement booklet, please call 1300 795 299, or visit your nearest Local Land Services office.