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Bringing everyone to the table to better manage wild dogs

The trauma of losing livestock to wild dog attacks takes a serious economic and emotional toll on producers.

Hunter Local Land Services is working with land managers in areas affected by wild dog predation across our region to review all 12 wild dog management plans, bringing them into line with best practice approaches.

Guided by detailed mapping, best available research, and the local knowledge of landholders and stakeholders, our biosecurity staff are working to engage landholders in areas where control has previously been lacking.

Covering public and private lands, the plans include a calendar of control activities for all parties to ensure maximum coverage of affected areas at times most conducive to high knock down of dog populations.

“All major control methods are being integrated into the plans to ensure we cover our bases for maximum knock down in population numbers,” said Invasive Species Team Leader, Luke Booth.

“The plans provide direction and coordination for the management of wild dogs, using a best practise approach, and are being supported by all stakeholders within the region.

“There’s been a significant increase in the Hunter Local Land Services annual budget for wild dog management, from $80,000 in 2014 to $230,000 in 2017, and this will support the implementation of these plans.”

To find out more about wild dog management plans being developed for your area, contact your nearest Local Land Services office.