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Review of pest animal resources

If you’re a landholder who is having trouble with pest animals on your property, we want to hear from you.

Local Land Services is conducting a survey on the needs of landholders, their access to services and any barriers they face when managing pest animals. The survey is part of a statewide initiative that is funded by the Australian Government to increase the capacity of landholders to manage pest animals.

The survey aims to gauge landholder opinions on:

  • the current level of understanding of pest management for landholders
  • ease of access to services
  • the ability to obtain training courses
  • availability of up to date resources
  • any barriers currently faced regarding pest animal management.

The survey will help Local Land Services determine how we can best meet landholder needs in achieving our shared goal of reducing the impact of pest species on livestock and the landscape. The survey is open until 17 February.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey