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Training up to work on Country

Hunter Local Land Services have been working with the Hunter Aboriginal Community Advisory Group to develop a  program to train local Aboriginal land management teams and team managers in conservation land management.

The Conservation Land Management Diploma course was tailored to meet the needs of Aboriginal land management teams in the Lower Hunter and includes indigenous fire knowledge and identification and assessment of Aboriginal cultural heritage.

As part of the course the students participated in a cultural burn in Lake Macquarie in 2016, with an Indigenous cultural burning expert and the NSW Rural Fire Service, and also took part in a survey of cultural sites with an Aboriginal archaeologist on a TSR in the Upper Hunter.

“The Aboriginal students that are now completing this course have a strong connection to Country. When you see them out on their Country, they want to learn and they want to do things to manage their Country properly, and that’s what this course is all about. Assisting them in managing their Aboriginal lands,” said Aboriginal Land Services Officer, Toby Whaleboat.

“When we recruited students for the course we had seven that were keen to complete the course, and now here we are at the end of the course and those seven are still here and about to finish their diploma. And we’re really looking forward to them walking across that stage when they graduate and then going on to achieve their goal of working on Country.”

A new batch of students are currently being recruited from the Manning Great Lakes district to undertake the Conservation Land Management Diploma. Go to our videos page to meet some of the current students or contact Aboriginal Land Services Officer, Toby Whaleboat on 4938 4946 or email to find out more.